Letters of Appreciation

NB: Surnames and addresses and phone number have been removed for privacy reasons.

My partner Brodie and I were considering buying a second-hand boat but were inexperienced in these matters. On contacting the Tin Can Bay Fishing Club for some advice, we were put in touch with a member who was willing to take us out in the boat to give us some firsthand experience and advice.

On Tuesday 15th September we met up with Jim George at the TCB launching area. Jim proceeded to take us through various steps for before, during and after the 2-hour trip. He was very knowledgeable with a calm confident patient and clear teaching style. He was friendly and open and answered all our questions. We learned so much from Jim.

The areas Jim covered were as follows:

  • Safety check while the boat was on the trailer in the parking area ie trailer security, boat preparation, safety jackets, engine care, trailer care
  • Preparation for launching at the boat ramp including weather and tide assessment, consideration of other people at the site and their intentions
  • Reversing and launching the boat and securing the boat at the pontoon
  • Starting the motor, accelerating, speed rules, navigation markers – meaning and use, familiarity with the Tin Can Bay landmarks
  • Handling the boat to achieve the best performance – fuel requirements, regulations and rules when approaching, passing, overtaking other boats.
  • Dealing with varying weather conditions – it became rougher as we approached the Inskip Point area then calmer in the more sheltered area of the Bay
  • Approaching and securing the boat at the pontoon, putting the boat back on the trailer, securing the boat for travel
  • Advice on refuelling and cleaning the salt water from the engine and boat at home.

We are very grateful for all of Jim’s generous help. It allowed us to be much better informed and were delighted to go ahead with the purchase of the boat and follow up Jim’s invitation to join the TCB Fishing Club.

Regards, Dianne
Pomona Q 4568